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Abhinav Kumar Singh
Posted on : 02nd Jun, 2017

I Joined Cavalier Academy Because I Found It The Best On The Terms Of Review. My Friends Who Have Been Recommended Earlier In Defence Forces Suggested Me To Join Here. The 14 Days Which I Spent In Cavalier Were Very Fruitful And Life Changing. The Teachers, Here, Are Very Helpful And Friendly. They Taught Us How To Really Tackle With The SSB. I Learnt To Increase My Imagination Beyond. I Learnt How To Indulge Logic In My Words. Teachers Told Me To Us To Study Work Hard. I Learnt To Face The Problem Rather Running From It. SSB Is All About What You Think And How You Act. I Learnt That It Is Not Important To Know The Procedure Of SSB Rather The Way To Tackle It Is Very Important. Abhinabh Kumar Singh, SSB - AFCAT, Dehradun

Divesh Kumar
Posted on : 26th May, 2017

I Wanted A Coaching Which Could Teach Me Instead Of Creaming. Luckily, I Got It After A Lot Of Research. I Took Advice From Friend And Came To The Cavalier. From 1st Class I Was Satisfied By Coaching. I Learnt A Lot Here. Whatever That Were Taught Here, Is Not Only Going To Help In SSB But The Whole Life Too. I Gained A Lot Of Confidence Over Here And Surely Clear My SSB. NCC, Dehradun

Poonam Phour
Posted on : 26th May, 2017

Hello Friends, I Want To Share My Experience About The Cavalier. Before Joining The Cavalier, I Did Not Have Any Idea How To React The Situation And How To Make A Good Story. But Joining The Cavalier, I Know Very Well How To Handle All The Problems. Now, I Am Very Confident About My SSB. The Faculty Is Very Good. The Best Thing Is They Counselling You Individual. So, You Can Easily Find Out Your Mistakes And Improve Them SSB - JAG 19, ALLAHABAD

Shivanshu Joshi
Posted on : 10th May, 2017

I Came To Know About This Institute By An Army Officer And Now After Completion Of My 2 Weeks Program, I Can Proudly Say That It Is One Of The Best Institution In The Country. The Faculty Over Here Is Highly Experienced And Praise Worthy. They Take Deep Interest In Every Candidate And Take Out The Best From Them. I Myself Also Feel Very Confident And Full Of Energy After Completing 14 Days. I Am Sure That I Will Come Out With Flying Colours. SSB - NCC Entry, Allahabad

Ninu Mohan
Posted on : 08th May, 2017

I Am Ninu Mohan, When I Cleared My AFCAT Exam My Friends Advised Me To Join Cavalier For SSB Interview. They All Gave Very Good Reviews About Cavalier. Now, After 14 Days Coaching, I Understood 'why They Advised Me To Join The Cavalier'. I Felt A Change From Within. My Way I Observation, Level Of Perception, Imagination, Analytical Thinking, Everything Went Drastic Improvement. I Got A Clear Picture Of SSB Interview And The Whole Procedure. Cavalier Provided Me Good Guidance. The More You Spent Here, The Better You Gained. The TAT, WAT, SRT, PPDT, GPE, Lecturettes Everything That Cavalier Provides Will Definitely Help Any SSB Aspirant. Now, I Am Pretty Sure That I Can Attend The Interview With Full Confidence And Courage. I Thank All The Faculty Of The Cavalier For Boosting The Confidence And OLQ's In Me. SSB - AFSB, Dehradun

Nitish Kumar
Posted on : 29th Apr, 2017

I Am Nitish Kumar, From East Champaran, Bihar. I Have Cleared AFCAT And CDSE Examination. Many Of My Friends And Senior Came To Cavalier And Got Success. Their Success In SSB Took Me Here. Before Joining Here I Used To Think That SSB Is Hard To Crack But After Joined The Cavalier I Realized That It Is Very Easy To Qualify In First Attempt. Dua Sir Taught Us Many Aspects Of Personality That An Officer Has And He Also Taught Of IACC Which Will Not Only Help In SSB Only But Also Throughout Our Life. In Dhawan Sir's Class We Learnt How To Speak On Any Point And How To Be More Effective. In Interview With Mathur Sir, I Came To Know About My Weakness And How To Improve It. After Taking These Two Weeks Classes I Am Very Confident Towards Clearing The SSB. I Would Like To Thank The Faculty And Staff As Well For Brilliant Class And Cooperation. SSB - AFCAT, CDS

Sanjay Singh
Posted on : 26th Apr, 2017

My Experience At The Cavalier Was Very Good, I Joined The Cavalier For 14 Days Course, When I Joined Cavalier I Was Not Aware About All Steps Of SSB. My Cousin Has Suggested Me To Join The Cavalier Because He Took Classes From Here And Cracked His SSB Interview. From My First Day I Learnt A Lot . Each And Every Day At Cavalier Was Very Inspiring And Exciting. Psychology Classes By Dua Sir Gave Us A New Direction To Look Or Perceive Anything In A Positive Way. GTO Classes By Dhawan Sir And Chopra Sir Encouraged Us And Helped Us To Bring Out Our Fear And To Perform Confidently. I Am Thankful To Mathur Sir For Developing OLQ's. I Thank All The Faculty And Staff For Their Valuable Cooperation. Sanjay Singh SSB - CDS (OTA) Bangalore

Ankit Patel
Posted on : 25th Apr, 2017

I Am Ankit Patel, When I Joined The Cavalier I Was Not Aware About SSB Interview Procedure. Here, I Learnt So Many Things Like How To Write Story, How My Approach Should Be. I Learnt The Techniques Of PGT, GPE, HGT And About GD And Lecturette. The Concept Of SSB Is Now Very Clear For Me. I, Here, Experienced Friendly Nature Of Faculty, Specially Chopra Sir Is So Motivating. Now, I Am Confident For My SSB. I Want To Thank THE CAVALIER For Support And Help. SSB- AFCAT

Manjeet Singh
Posted on : 22nd Apr, 2017

Before Joined Cavalier. I Don’t Know About The Procedure Of SSB. My Confidence Level Is Not Enough To Stand On Stage. I Know Everything But I Can’t Do It But After Joining Cavalier. There Is A Drastic Change In Me. Now, I Am Total Aware With The Procedure Of SSB. Dua Sir Made My Thoughts, Actions. Language So Good To Lead Me Good Character, Independent To Clear My SSB. Now, I Am Confident That I Will Clear My SSB. Manjeet Singh SSB - AFCAT, DEHRADUN

Shyam Sunder
Posted on : 03rd Apr, 2017

I Am Shyam Sundar Tarolia, I Joined The Cavalier For 14 Days. After Completing 14 Days Coaching, I Am That I Have Built Up My Confidence To Face SSB. Here, I Have Got A Chance To Improve My Ideas, Thoughts And Always Be Logical. All Staff Of Cavalier Is So Cooperative And Helpful That I Didn’t Face Any Problem Here. The Cavalier Made Me To Handle The Problems Boldly And Confidently. The Cavalier Gave Me A Ray Of Hope To Qualify The SSB At The Very First Attempt. And It Will Be Happening Just Only Because Of The Cavalier. So, I Am Highly Obliged To The Cavalier And All Faculties. Shyam Sunder SSB - AFCAT

Posted on : 22nd Mar, 2017

My Experience At The Cavalier Has Been Great. I Learnt Lesson Not Only For My Air Force SSB Preparation But Also For My Life. Teachers Here, Are Very Supportive And Have A Good Knowledge Of Their Subject. No Spoon Feeding Is Done Over Here And There Is A Natural Way Of Developing Our Qualities. Few Of The Best Points About This Institute Are - 1. Supportive & Smiling Staff And Teachers. 2. Multiple Interviews & Counselling 3. No Bulky Study Material 4. Debate Coaching Of GTO Tasks Etc. 5. No Cooked Knowledge Provided. My Confidence Has Increased Manifold I Feel More Efficient In Doing All Tasks Given To Me Now Or In Future. Thank You To All My Teachers Dua Sir, Mathur Sir, Chopra Sir, Dhawan Sir, Kapil Sir

Rakhi Tanwar
Posted on : 17th Mar, 2017

I Have Completed 14 Days SSB Interview Coaching At The Cavalier. I Prepared For Ground Duty, AFCAT. Before Coming To Cavalier I Was Having Rough Idea About SSB Procedure. One Of My Friend In Air Force Recommended Me To Take Coaching Here. After Taking First Class At The Cavalier, I Felt Difference. I Got To Know About The Whole Procedure. Psychology Classes By Dua Sir Made Me Think Beyond, To Think Like An Officer & Act As Well. GTO Classes By Dhawan Sir Removed All My Fear Of Group Discussion And Lecturatte. Ground Activities Gave Me More Confidence. It Is Not Just Like Other Coaching I Had Taken Earlier. What I Learnt Here, Will Not Be Benefited Me In SSB But Also In My Whole Life. I Am Very Thankful To Mathur Sir For Interview Session, Chopra Sir, Chabra Sir For Sharing Their Knowledge. SSB - AFCAT (Ground Duty)

Ankur Chaudhary
Posted on : 14th Mar, 2017

When I Received My Call Letter For SSB, I Decided To Take Coaching For SSB Interview And One Of My Friends Suggested Me To Join The Cavalier. From The First Day I Started Learning And Here, Teachers Give Right Guidelines, They Clear Doubts By Explaining The Exact Procedure Followed In SSB. The Expertise Of The Faculty Members Had Made Me So Much Confident, Positive Minded, Practical, Imaginative And Analytical That Will Help Me Clearing My SSB And Also Help Me Throughout My Life. I Came To Know How Easy It Is To Clear SSB. I Experience GTO And Physical Tasks Personally. I Would Like To Thank To The Faculty And Staff For Cooperation. Ankur Chaudhary SSB - IMA

Stuti Mehra
Posted on : 14th Mar, 2017

Myself Stuti Mehra, I Have Done My Graduation From Economics From Delhi University. I Am Going For OTA Category. When My CDS Result Came, I Was Not Aware About SSB. But Since It Was A Great Opportunity I Didn’t Want To Miss It. I Searched The Internet, And Found The Cavalier. It Was The Best Decision I Had Taken To Join The Cavalier. This Institute Gave A Direction To My Thoughts And Ideas. Over Here, I Learnt That How Important It Is To Leave Our Past Behind To Come Nearer To Our Goals. The Faculty Taught Us That Our Qualifications Is Only A Necessary Condition, But The Sufficient Condition Is The Qualities Which We All Have But Never Thought Of. These 14 Days Were The Best 14 Days, I Learnt Not Only The TAT, WAT, Group Tasks, But Also The Positively Imagination, Leadership, Confidence, Team Work And Many More. I Have Developed An Attitude “Yes I Can Do It” This Is All Because Of THE CAVALIER. So, I Would Like To Say Thank To The Faculty Who Guided Me And Made Me Confident. SSB - OTA

Yumkhaibam Ranirose
Posted on : 08th Mar, 2017

The Cavalier Academy Has Helped And Guided Me In Becoming Who I Am Today. I Came Here With Confusion And Doubts. The First Day Class With K K Dua Sir Made Me Understand How To Write A Story With Imagination, Analytical Abilities, Communication And Character. The Faculty Of Cavalier Academy Helped Me In Building My Character And Communication. I Sincerely Thank The Cavalier For Making Me More Confident, For Helping Me Believe In Myself And Think Positive, Etc. I Will Remain Ever Thankful To This Academy. Yumkhaibam Ranirose SSB - OTA

Fayaz Ahmed
Posted on : 08th Mar, 2017

Myself Fayaz Ahmed From Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. I Am Going To Appear For Coast Guard SSB. So, I Was Searching For A Good Coaching Class To Guide Me In A Proper Way. My Colleague Suggested About The Cavalier. My Colleague Joined The Cavalier 12 Years Back. He Cleared His SSB Interview. On The Basis Of His Suggestion, I Joined The Cavalier And Yes, Cavalier Was My Guide For SSB. Before Joining Here, I Was Over Confident Of Clearing The SSB. But I Was Totally Wrong. But In These 11 Days The Cavalier Made Me Improve. I Know English, I Can Write Stories, But Cavalier Taught Me How To Approach In Exam. Here, The Faculty Improved My Way Of Thinking And Casual Attitude. I Would Like To Thank The Whole Faculty Of The Cavalier To Guide Me. SSB – Coast Guard

Nikhil Kumar Singh
Posted on : 07th Mar, 2017

I Would Like To Thank The Entire Team Of The Cavalier For The Guidance & Support Given To Me During Last Fourteen Days. The Expertise Of The Faculty Members Had Made Me So Much Confident, Positive Minded, Practical, Imaginative And Analytical That Will Help Me Clearing My SSB And Also Help Me Throughout My Life. I Would Like To Special Thanks To Dua Sir And Dhawan Sir To Make Me Analyze My Weakness And Suggest Measures To Improve It. The Study Material Provided By Cavalier Is Very Much Relevant With Current System Of SSB. I Have Also Done Coaching Earlier From Another Coaching Institute In Allahabad. The Only Difference Between Both Coaching Is – They Taught Me What Is SSB Whereas Cavalier Taught Me ‘How To Crack It’. Again I Would Like To Thank The Cavalier From Bottom Of My Heart For The Knowledge And Experience You Shared With Us Will Remain Forever. Nikhil Kumar Singh SSB- IMA (Bhopal)

Shalini Lathar
Posted on : 26th Feb, 2017

My Experience With Cavalier Is Very Good. Here, Teachers Give Right Guidelines. They Clear Doubts By Explaining The Exact Procedure Followed In SSB. I Gained Confidence By Repeated Practice Sessions. Teachers Motivate Us In Every Possible Way. Being From Army Background I Can Able To Relate All OLQ’s With Officers. I Joined This Academy To Clear SSB Only But Now, I Think These Teachings Are Going To Work Lifetime To Become A Good Person. A Special Thanks To The Teachers And Staff For Their Guidelines And Cooperation To Me. Shalini Lathar.

Rama Divakar Reddy
Posted on : 26th Feb, 2017

I Have Joined Cavalier In The Month Of January. Before Joining Cavalier I Didn’t Have Any Idea About SSB. But After Taking 14 Days Classes, I Knew Everything About SSB And Its Procedure. I Here, Leant Observing The Things And Implement My Thoughts Quickly. I Have Developed My Personality. I Came To Know How Easy It Is To Clear SSB. I Experience GTO And Physical Tasks Personally. Mock Interviews Helped Me A Lot. Every Teacher Helps You In Building Up Your Thought Process And Personality And Confidence As Well. Thank You The Cavalier, Rama Divakar Reddy, SSB – TGC Entry

Ritu Chhikara
Posted on : 26th Feb, 2017

Hi, I Was Here For AFCAT Entry. I Sincerely, Want To Thank The Faculty Of This Institute. They Guide Me In Finding My Weakness And Helped Me To Overcome Them. I Improved A Lot After Taking These 14 Days Classes. I Have Groomed My Qualities. I Am Now Much Confident For My SSB. I Thank All The Faculty For Their Guidance. Ritu Chhikara, SSB – AFCAT

Mohit Sharma
Posted on : 26th Feb, 2017

Hi, I Am Mohit Sharma From Amroha, Uttar Pradesh. I Have Passed CDS Written Exam And Appeared For IMA (Allahabad). When I Got My Call Letter I Was Very Nervous. Then I Discussed With My Friends, The Suggested Me To Join An Institute. Then I Browsed Internet And Read Many Good Reviews About ‘The Cavalier’. When I Came Here I Hardly Knew About TAT, WAT, SRT, Etc. But The Faculty Over Here Taught Me Everything About SSB And Its Procedure. After 14 Days I Felt That I Am Psychologically Strong And In Positive Way. This Institute Helped Me A Lot To Develop My Thoughts And Express Them To Others. Thank You, SSB - IMA

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